Jurnal Kesejahteraan Sosial

Journal of Social Welfare (e.ISSN 2443-2016 online and p.ISSN. 2354-9874 print) is a scientific journal published 2 times a year namely the March and September editions. JKS is published by the Trilogy University which contains research on Pancasila Economics. Energy and Food Security, Alternative Economy. Blue Economy. Religious based economy. Democratic Economy. Micro small and Medium Enterprises. Community empowerment. Family, Social and Environmental Empowerment.



If there are difficulties, we are ready to help, contact us Muhamad Karim (Editor in Chief) address of Universitas Trilogi Jl.TMP Kalibata No 1 Pancoran South Jakarta 12760 Email: karimlaode1971@trilogi.ac.id Support Contact Rossi Iskandar Email: rossiiskandar@trilogi.ac.id